Some screen shots of the application are shown below. Some images were taken under MAC OS X platform and some represent the version 3.0.0.

Click on any image to see it in real size.

TownScope : a global view.

TownScope main window, two scenes loaded and a parallel view.

Solar paths view (hidden + XRay mode).

Parallel view in hidden and shadings mode.

Shadings in parallel view (hidden mode).

Horizontal stereographical view in framed mode.

Stereographical view with sky stereo sectors (elevation angles) in hidden mode.

Perspective view and opacity viewing option activated.

Display and viewing settings panel.

Solar Access settings panel.

Surfaces selection and properties definition window.

Analyses manager window for creation, execution,
viewing and exporting.

Surface element : combining graphical and textual creation/edition.

Solar Access analysis (comparison menu).

View Lengths analysis.

Comparison in percent of Solar Access results on a surface element
 between one project and the clear site values (parallel view).
% (Results[Scene A] / [Clear site values])

Comparison of Solar Access results on a surface element between two projects (scenes) :
Results[Scene A]-Results[Scene B]
Scene B is framed in grey colour (perspective view here).

Solar Access, reflected energy results on a facade.

Solar Access, diffused energy results on a facade compared to clear site values (in %)

Solar Access global results for an analysis on a Point element (it contains several x,y,z real points).

Solar analysis results on one point and all computed days.

Solar Access results on one point and all the computed days.
Comparison with the clear site values.

Solar Access results on one point and all the computed days.
Comparison with another project (scene) values.

Solar Access results details on one point and one of the computed days.

Results of view lengths analysis on a surface element (minimum length).

Polyline results (View Lengths analysis) displayed in 3D mode

View Length results on one point.

Terrain triangulation, Delaunay method.
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