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My measured data is in Lux while the solar radiation results are in Wh/m2, I wonder if you have any idea about any equation that relates the Lux and Wh/m2 ?
 Illuminance is not a direct measure of the energy of light, but rather of the illumination it provides as perceived by the human eye. Thus, the conversion factor varies with the wave length composition or color temperature of light. At 555 nm, (the middle of the visible spectrum) 1 Lux = 0.00146 W/m2.
In solar access settings, what is Edhcs/Ethcs and how to set this value ?
 Edhcs/Ethcs is the ratio of "diffuse solar radiation" to "total solar radiation" in clear sky condition and on horizontal surface. In the Settings panel / Solar access, y can set the mean value for each month, OR, in the TownScope meteo file you can set the value of this parameter for each hour (0...23) of any day. By default, the software is installed with the values of UCCLE meteo-station in Belgium.
Can you confirm if Townscope is able to calculate Vertical Sky Component according to the procedure set out in the BRE document Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: a Guide to Good Practice by PJ Littlefair. ?
In Townscope, is it possible to calculate sunlight availability, according to the procedure set out in BS 8206-2:1992 ?
 Sunlight availability is calculated with a different model than the one set out in BS 8206-2:1992. Using the BS 8206-2:1992 would require an adaptation of the program.
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